Director’s Message

“All impossible becomes possible by blessings of almighty, great teachers and parents”

“Annant Gyan Knowledge and Skills Private Limited” offers an excellent opportunity for all learners where concept based learning are foundation of curricular. When we interact with real world problem, we learn how to think not what to think.

Our process emphasizes teaching learning process in an innovative way. We have full range of both online and offline mode of courses that covers almost every aspect of learning, initiatives and progress. We have introduced this platform to equip the students with thorough knowledge of latest tools techniques and skills as well.

We work for value based education. We will mentor the students to develop and conceptualize ideas for the overall benefit. It is committed to the spirit of imparting knowledge and skills on both online and offline platform for national development, personal growth and academic excellence. We shall also work on different innovative ideas or projects, interdisciplinary research initiatives and contribute to developing products and create opportunities for everyone. Our company will open corporate offices, skill development and innovative research and training centers at different locations all through country and create opportunity for talented youths.

I look forward to welcome you all to the “Annant Gyan Knowledge and Skills Private Limited” and assure development & growth towards your future. I am confident that the skills and learning which you experience at “Annant Gyan Knowledge and Skills Private Limited” will help you for the better future endeavor.

Also, we shall look forward ourselves for new collaboration with government/ private organization, company and individuals in India and abroad.

Amar Nath Dubey,

Founder & Director